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What's this going to cost?
What's this going to cost?
What's this going to cost?
What is this going to cost? Probably the most divisive issue to work out between a buyer and a seller. You are the buyer. Know what you want from me. When you contact me you should know what you want me to do. You don’t need to know everything, but you should have some kind of vision of what you want things to look like. Have lots of pictures, or pins on Pinterest, or drawings. Something. I can’t tell you what things are going to cost if you have no idea what you want. Look at cabinets online. Save some pages of what you like. Look at plumbing fixtures, lighting, tubs, etc. Have a plan when you contact me. Nobody. Nobody can bid your job if you don’t know what you want. 

Know what you are looking for in a contractor. Contractors are all different, and they’re not commodities. We are not a Samsung 50” LCD TV model XYZ that’s the same at Costco and Best Buy. Contractors are all human beings and they're all different. When you hire a contractor you are hiring their ethics, work habits, and technical abilities. You’re hiring someone who’s going to be in your house when you aren’t. You’re hiring people who are going to be around your kids when you’re at work. With me and my people you are getting the highest level of service. You get what you pay for. We are dedicated to our craft and providing clients the highest levels of satisfaction throughout the remodeling experience. It’s an internal competition to see who the best is and you are the winner.

You need to know we are not cheap. We don’t use inexpensive materials. We don’t pay cheap labor. We don’t hire inexperienced subs. So, if you’re looking for the “best deal” you don’t need to call me. That’s not a battle I can win. We’re the company you call when you want someone using the best materials, the best techniques, you want it done right and you want it to last. 

Best of luck with your project!
Many times I’m the first person people call to bid a job. In an effort to set some expectations of what clients are spending with me I’ve created the following list . . .
Master Bath Remodel                         $20-45k
•Guest bath Remodel                          $10-20k
•New Kitchen                                      $20-50k
•Hardwood floors                                $5-20k
•Interior Painting                                $3-10k
•New Baseboards and casing               $4-8k
•Granite Tops in a Kitchen                  $5-12k
•Water damage Repair                        $2-5k
•Radiant Floor Heat in bath                $1-2k
•New Jacuzzi Tub in Deck                   $2-3k
•Bank of cabinets in MB                      $3-6k
•New carpet                                        $3-8k
•Extra Work (Time & Materials)        $60 Hr